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Guitarist, Composer and Bandleader. Mokopane, Mahwelereng in the Northern Province of South Africa is where Billy Monama was born. From such humble surroundings he inherited a rich musical culture that combined traditional ethnic sounds with those from western jazz styles. In 1997 Monama was drawn to a guitar belonging to a neighbour. Largely self-taught, Monama immediately showed signs of natural talent on guitar. Billy’s interests were broader than music. In completing his schooling, he moved to Pretoria and enrolled for a course in Political Science. However the musical calling proved to be much stronger, so he moved to Johannesburg and impulsively enrolled at a music institution after being told about it by a musician who convinced him of a need to study music. At the Central Johannesburg College is where he began to understand more about music harmony, performance and leading an...

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Upcoming events

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06 April – Heidelburg Jazz Festival08 June – New Castle Jazz Festival03-04 July Standard Bank Grahamstown Arts and Jazz FestivalDSG Hall stage on Wed 3 July andthen at the late-night Standard Bank Jazz Café (Saints Bistro) on Thur 4 July.Billy Monama – The Experience Of Rebounce Marabi Jazz Club presents “March Residency”, this is a special event for Billy Monama to share his artistry of 23 years of Playing Guitar, Human Rights & Month on the 4 days performance i.e every Thursdays of March (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th) 2019. 

Interview on 3talk with Anela

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Interview on 3talk with Anela

Billy Monama & Grazroots Project Live at the 19th Cape Town International Jazz Festival – 2018

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Billy Monama & Grazroots Project Live at the 19th Cape Town International Jazz Festival – 2018


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Gauteng Province:  Workshop: Date: 09th May 2017 Workshop Venue: University Of Pretoria Time: 13h30 Workshop: Date:17th May 2017 Workshop Venue: Central Johannesburg College. Time: 12h30 Performance: Dates: 26th & 27th May Venue: South African Music Awards Workshop: Date: 30th May Venue:  South West College Time: To be confirmed Performance: Date: 29 June 2017 Venue: The Orbit Time: 20:30 Kwa Zulu Natal Province: Workshop: Date: 16th May 2017 Venue: UKZN – Howard College (Music department) Time: 10am to 12pm Performance: Date: 20 May 2017 Venue: The chairman Time: 22h00 Central Johannesburg College – To be Confirmed South West College – To be Confirmed