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Guitarist, Composer and Bandleader. Mokopane, Mahwelereng in the Northern Province of South Africa is where Billy Monama was born. From such humble surroundings he inherited a rich musical culture that combined traditional ethnic sounds with those from western jazz styles. In 1997 Monama was drawn to a guitar belonging to a neighbour. Largely self-taught, Monama immediately showed signs of natural talent on guitar. Billy’s interests were broader than music. In completing his schooling, he moved to Pretoria and enrolled for a course in Political Science. However the musical calling proved to be much stronger, so he moved to Johannesburg and impulsively enrolled at a music institution after being told about it by a musician who convinced him of a need to study music. At the Central Johannesburg College is where he began to understand more about music harmony, performance and leading an...

Upcoming events

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06 April – Heidelburg Jazz Festival08 June – New Castle Jazz Festival03-04 July Standard Bank Grahamstown Arts and Jazz FestivalDSG Hall stage on Wed 3 July andthen at the late-night Standard Bank Jazz Café (Saints Bistro) on Thur 4 July.Billy Monama – The Experience Of Rebounce Marabi Jazz Club presents “March Residency”, this is a special event for Billy Monama to share his artistry of 23 years of Playing Guitar, Human Rights & Month on the 4 days performance i.e every Thursdays of March (7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th) 2019. 

Interview on 3talk with Anela

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Interview on 3talk with Anela

Billy Monama & Grazroots Project Live at the 19th Cape Town International Jazz Festival – 2018

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Billy Monama & Grazroots Project Live at the 19th Cape Town International Jazz Festival – 2018

New Album. “REBOUNCE”

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REBOUNCE, Billy Monama’s debut offering, plays like his auto-biography. It tells of various significant landmarks in his life. It is the very soundtrack that underscores the sentiments of places, people, experiences and influences that have shaped Monama’s Life and Music. Monama strongly believes that in order to have a clearer perception of the Present, in our pursuit of the Future, it is imperative that we meaningfully reflect onto the Past. We are constantly surrounded by mirrors whose depth reflectswhere we come from and where the roots of our identity lie. “Why then are we ignoring the sounds of the great Masters?” This is what he asks. RE-BOUNCE attempts to contribute towards echoing the voices of the Masters and paying tribute to those whose ingredients have added flavour to Billy Monama’s developing Artistry. On this offering, Monama reflects on...