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New Workshop 8 to 12 June

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Billy Monama in partnership with City of Joburg presents: South Afrcian Guitar Styles, 5-day Workshops: 08 – 12 June. Due to popular demand and high interest in learning the South African Guitar Styles subsequent from Monama’s National Workshop Tour in 2016-20. Monama is considered to be the first South African to publish Tutorial videos based on his research, forthcoming book- The Introduction To South African Guitar Styles Vol.1, this the book that captured the 5 decades memory of the south african guitar styles: Maskanda, African Jazz, Kwela, Mbhaqanga and xiTsonga. Monama’s 25 years of guitar experience gained him a full sponsorship with prestigious international brand – Gibson Guitars. He strongly believes that the endorsement will bring a synergy of African music and it will make our own African sound to penetrate ‘Popular’ music of the day and...

Billy Monama – Radio2000 interview

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Billy Monama on Metro Fm

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Previous shows

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