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This exciting & much needed Project, sets out to revive the History and reconnect us with our South African Musical Heritage in order to give birth to a new Soundtrack that will carry us into the Future, as a Nation.

Following research that was conducted by Billy Monama (a Performing Artist, Composer, Arranger & Guitar Teacher), the birth of the GRAZ ROOTS Project had to happen, as Monama realized how the Legacy of our uniquely South African Guitar styles was fast disappearing. Not only was it the voice of the Guitar that was dying away, but a whole generation of Musical Culture & Life-Style stood a chance to be completely wiped out. This is the sound that touched the world and gave us a Voice through trying times in our history. This is the sound of Mbaqanga, Mgqashiyo, Maskandi, African Jazz and more.

In going back to our Roots and digging out the inspiration that nourished the people on the ground, Billy Monama invited some wellestablished & respected Musicians to collaborate in reviving and preserving this Musical Artform that kept the people singing through the difficult sociopolitical times in the history of South Africa. Collectively these Musicians have vast experience as Band Leaders, Session Musicians, Composers, Arrangers, Music Educators and Collaborators.

The GRAZ ROOTS Project revisits Old South African Classics & Celebrates past South African Composers & Musicians. The presentation is vibrant and engaging, making sure the music is suitable for all types of audiences.

Every performance will have a surprise Guest Artist or two in order to keep the performances always fresh and unpredictable. In the words of the upbeat & highly inspired Billy Monama, “We want to recreate that authentic sound through a fresh and a young energy.”