Billy Monama is a renowned South African guitarist, author, researcher, composer, and producer. He is the founder and director of The Grazroots Project and Mayibuye iAfrika. Monama’s musical journey began in 1997 when he started playing the guitar. In 2016, he and Andy Innes released the album “Brothers,” featuring original pieces for acoustic guitar. His debut album “Rebounce” was released in October 2017, followed by tutorial videos on South African guitar styles in 2020 and the publication of a tutorial book titled “Introduction to South African Guitar Styles Vol.1 – ‘Five Decades of Ukuvamba’ (1930s – 1980s)” in 2021. Monama received the Distinguished Lecture certificate from the University of Southern California and Northern Texas for his contributions to knowledge and teaching at the 2022 International Collegiate Guitar Ensemble Festival. Monama serves as South African brand ambassador for esteemed international musical brands such as Gibson guitars, Orange Amplifier, Elixir Strings & Sennheiser.

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For a limited time only, get all tutorials for only


For a limited time only, get all tutorials for only



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Introduction to South African Guitar Styles Vol. 1.

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Billy’s new book “Introduction to South African Guitar Styles Vol. 1. Five Decades of Ukuvamba 1930s–1980s” is now available for pre-order. 

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"This invaluable contribution to academia is a milestone to be celebrated"
Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse
South African singer

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NEWS! First African Full Endorsee Gibson Guitars.


Billy is officially the First African Guitarist to get a full endorsement from Gibson Guitars.




Graz Roots

This exciting & much needed Project, sets out to revive the History and reconnect us with our South African Musical Heritage in order to give birth to a new Soundtrack that will carry us into the Future, as a Nation.



REBOUNCE, Billy Monama’s debut offering, plays like his auto-biography. It tells of various significant landmarks in his life. It is the very soundtrack that underscores the sentiments of places, people, experiences and influences that have shaped Monama’s Life and Music.

Monama strongly believes that in order to have a clearer perception of the Present, in our pursuit of the Future, it is imperative that we meaningfully reflect onto the Past.

We are constantly surrounded by mirrors whose depth reflects where we come from and where the roots of our identity lie. “Why then are we ignoring the sounds of the great Masters?” This is what he asks.

RE-BOUNCE attempts to contribute towards echoing the voices of the Masters and paying tribute to those whose ingredients have added flavour to Billy Monama’s developing Artistry.


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Introduction to South African Guitar Styles: Tutorials